Full Design Service

Custom quote will be provided after a consultation

This service is for the person that would like to get the complete designed look, from concept to completion and everything in between! You will receive the maximum service level and have almost all of the workload removed from your shoulders. It’s during this experience that you will get to see a magical transformation take place, and it’s honestly so fun! 


Here is what you can expect to receive when you sign on for the Full Design Service:

-A Cohesive Vision for your space(s).

-A set of Design Boards that illustrate the Design Vision and include up to two rounds of revisions

-Furniture and Accessory Sourcing and Shopping

-Itemized Pricing Budgets

-Management of All Online Orders

-A full day of Installation and Styling (about 8 hours)


This experience takes a lot of transparency and trust from both parties, and when applied it can produce amazing results!

Design Consultation

$300 + Travel (If further than 30 min. away)

This is a 60 - 90 minute appointment to address a broader request for input on an entire room or several rooms. In this type of consultation, I will use my professional experience in the furniture industry and draw on my “designers eye” to deliver the best advice I can give. What you get is a good amount of information, specifically tailored to your project. We can discuss furniture layout, retail product suggestions, thoughts on window coverings, paint colors, artwork, lighting, flooring, rugs, etc. This consultation provides a safe opportunity for you to toss ideas around and get professional input before you start making purchases. If you are pretty comfortable with your style and want to put the details together yourself then this appointment is perfect for you. The goal of this consultation is to give you the vision and confidence to start your project off in the right direction.

*If you have more than three spaces in your home that you would like to discuss details about then you may want to consider booking a longer consultation, so we can cover everything you would like to discuss.


Paint or Window Covering Consultation

$200 + Travel (If further than 30 min. away)

This is a 60-minute appointment to address a specific design need in your home. The most common topics are paint colors or window treatments. I will come prepared with paint books, window treatment samples, expert advice, and anything else that can help you make the best decision. The goal of this appointment is to give you the confidence and education that you need to solve your specific design need. The bonus is that it can prevent you from wasting time and money down the road.