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Who We Are //

Lace & Grace Interiors is a full service interior design and styling firm founded by Hanna McDougall in Queen Creek, Arizona.

We started from humble beginnings, out of a love for 

design, but more importantly out of a love of helping

others achieve beautiful spaces they can't believe

they get to call home. 

Our Style //

Our style can be best described as natural, livable 

design - mixing organic elements with on trend, yet classically easy styling, all while keeping functionality top of mind. It's our ultimate goal to make sure your space is not only beautiful, but can also provide the best backdrop for your every day life. 

What We Do //

We have a variety of services to meet you wherever

you are in your design journey. No space is too big or small for our team to tackle, with the same care and detail put into every project we take on. Great design isn't just a luxury for some, but something everyone can achieve and we're here to help! 


Hanna McDougall 

Founder + Principal Designer 

Hello! I’m Hanna and Lace & Grace Interiors is my dream come true. 


I started my design career working with a luxury furniture manufacturer. Throughout my 7 years of selling quality furnishings and accessories I learned what an impact design has on peoples lives. I loved helping my customers see their design visions come true and knew it was something I would always do. While my career grew, so did my family and our house of 2 grew quickly grew to our clan of 5. 


I took some time off to be a stay-at-home mom and it was in that time that I really understood the importance of what home means. Home is a place to make memories, to relax, connect, and to grow with one and other, but on the same token, home can be a beautiful space that you love  to be in. 


A few friends started asking for help designing their homes, and one-room projects eventually grew into whole home projects. In no time at all I had a wonderful word of mouth community that played a huge part in bringing Lace & Grace to life. I can’t thank my clients enough for coming along on this journey with me!


Gabby DelCorso

Jr. Designer

Gabby is a graduate of Arizona State University where she got her degree in Interior Design and a minor in Sustainability. She knew from a young age that wherever she landed in careers, she would be a creative. Interior Design fulfills that goal for Gabby, from working with clients one on one to seeing their dreams come to life, it truly is the perfect job. Through school she found a love for sustainability and from there drew a passion for vintage finds. She has a special eye for secondhand finds and helping others curate their own vintage collections𑁋from furniture to home accents to clothing. Gabby is so grateful to be a part of a team that helps brings client's dreams to life. 

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